Dare to dream..

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Live a life worth dying for
No home, no belongings, only one sweater, a few shirts, and my camera. Arrived in Sydney, Australia to visit my friend who is doing her internship here and things are unfolding as they should. After being so far gone from a real city, it feels so nice walking along the skyscrapers. 18 days to figure out and unfortunately then I have to go back to Holland. I can not describe how beautiful this amazing city is. I am sure that, if Australia was not so far away, everyone would have lived here! Nothing scares me anymore, it always works out everyday with my shadow following me. The more I travel the more I see, the more I see, the more I learn about other countries with their different culture, habits, language (slang) and way of living. I realize how lucky i am to be so lost and adventurous. Infinite growth, love & light… trust the process. Trust the here & now